Bruno Mars Brings "Treasure" to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Bruno Mars Brings

Celebrating a chart-topping year, Bruno Mars flexed his pipes at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday (May 19).

Using the star-studded evening to debut a new tune, the 27-year-old crooner performed his next single, “Treasure.”

This summer, Bruno will take his act on the road for his worldwide Moonshine Jungle Tour, starting on June 22nd in Washington, D.C.

Speaking about the style of the shows, he told Entertainment Weekly, “I want the music and the sound to be rockin, more important than the visual effects and tricks or whatnot. I dont want to get lost in that. Ive definitely seen bands before they made money kind of change their thing on the next tour, and I prefer it when its a little more raw. We always change it up, you know Its live, and thats a big element of the show.