Bruce Jenner — ‘I’m Finally Free’

Exclusive 1008_bruce_jenner_girls_freedom_launchBruce Jenner told people at an event over the weekend, “I”m finally free to do what I want and live life the way I want.”

Bruce and his sons were at Virginia International Raceway — Bruce was racing a Lamborghini during the events.  Bruce was hanging at the Lamborghini tent with a bunch of girls. 

Bruce made it clear to several people in the tent … his life is now different from the way it had been for years.  He said he was getting closer to his sons — something he hadn”t done when they were growing up, which caused a major problem in their relationship.

Bruce did not reveal he was separated from Kris, but the people present said it was shocking how open he was about how different his life was now, and how open he was in “flirting” with the girls.

One last thing … a well-placed source who works on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” told us Bruce became extremely open about living on his terms after his most recent cancer tour last month … which could explain why suddenly Bruce and Kris revealed the separation.