Brooke Shields in Fairlady July 2013: "If My Girls are Rude it's Over"

Brooke Shields in Fairlady July 2013:

She”s enjoying life as a mother to two beautiful daughters, and now Brooke Shields reveals how things go in her household in the July 2013 issue of Fairlady magazine.

While enjoying some quality time with her girls Rowan and Grier, the “Army Wives” beauty opens up about her time at home and when she”ll help her daughters in Hollywood.

Check out a few highlight from Miss Shields” interview below. For more, be sure to visit Fairlady!

On her children”s behaviors:
“If my girls are rude, it”s over. There is no place in the world for it. [When daughter Rowan was displaying teenage attitude at 6] I said to my husband, “You have to get her to stop rolling her eyes at me.” If I can”t get her to stop at six, how will I get her not to smoke crack and get pregnant at 13 If my word isn”t important to her now, my word won”t matter later.”

On her daily routines with her daughter:
“My kids thrive on the routine at bedtime, like the bath and the food and the book reading. Every night we say our prayers and we do a rose/thron, which is, “What was your rose of the day and what was your thorn of the day” I watch them it just gives them a sense of comfort.”

On her children”s futures in Hollywood:
“I won”t let my children join the industry until they”ve graduated from college. They need a degree, and then I”ll help them do whatever they want. An education is something that can”t be taken away from them.”