Brooke Mueller Sued By Ex-Nanny Who Wants a Cool $10 Mil!

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Brooke Mueller
has just been sued by her former nanny who wants up to $10 million — and get this … it”s a lawsuit for overtime wages!

Norma Lavizzo worked for Brooke within the last 4 years — we”re told for a relatively short period of time — she claims she regularly worked more than 40 hours a week with ZERO overtime pay.

Sources tell our sources … Lavizzo claimed she was on call and therefore worked 24 hours a day, and she couldn”t even eat or rest.

Sources connected with Brooke say she made a private demand before filing suit — asking for $10 million, and get this … it was primarily based on a 4-day trip to Miami where she says she had to work nonstop.  And of course she says she wants the 24/7 OT pay. 

The nanny has a couple of problems.   First, we”re told she signed a release which waives any right to future money.  Second, we”re told there were multiple nannies in the house so she didn”t have to work non-stop.