Brooke Mueller — Judge Rejects Restraining Order Against Charlie Sheen

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Brooke Mueller
just got rejected in court — a judge has refused to issue a restraining order against Charlie Sheen for allegedly threatening her life last week.

Brooke filed the request for a temporary restraining order against Sheen following his anti-Brooke tirade last week (below), when he told “our sources Live” Brooke is an evil whore who”s putting their twins” lives in danger. He said he would be gunning for full custody come hell or high water.

In her petition, Brooke quotes Charlie saying, “[T]here will be a reckoning. There will be a whirlwind. That they will all reap while desperate begging for my forgiveness. You”ve all been warned.”

And, “I will exercise every resource at my disposal. I will, I will, I will, I will empty my entire war chest and if I can”t get it done, I know a guy who can.”

But the judge wasn”t buying her case … he flat out denied her emergency request for a restraining order … at least for now.

The judge set a hearing for next month for Brooke to make her case in person.