Brooke Mueller — Choosing Outpatient Drug Rehab to Stay with Kids

Brooke Mueller
is trying something different for her umpteenth attempt at drug rehab … a rigorous outpatient treatment that will require random drug testing, and — for better or worse — will allow her to continue spending time with her children.

Brooke”s rep Steve Honig says she will be going to a facility for treatment during the day, and when she leaves the facility she will remain “under expert supervision 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.”

In addition, Honig says … “Brooke has requested to be tested on a daily basis for cocaine and other illegal substances so there is no doubt as to her commitment.”

Brooke — who was arrested for cocaine possession in Aspen on December 3 — has been in and out of inpatient programs for years. Her rep says she wanted a different approach this time … and she wanted to maintain a normal routine for Bob and Max … her children with Charlie Sheen.

As first reported, Charlie will not take custody of the boys — and we”re told he”s on board with Brooke”s choice to try the outpatient program.

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