Brooke Burke: Sunday Workout Sexy

Brooke Burke: Sunday Workout Sexy

Working hard to maintain her flawless figure, Brooke Burke showed up at a fitness center in Malibu, California yesterday afternoon (March 3).

And it was clear that the effort was paying off, as Ms. Burkes chiseled abs and slim physique garnered her plenty of attention from fans and paparazzi.

Having recovered from thyroid cancer surgery, Brooke recently explained how she sees the ordeal as an opportunity to refocus her life.

“Balance is a big wish for me, I think I just manage it all. Guilt is certainly a choice. It used to be that I was last on the totem pole and I put myself very last on the list even behind my husband, but now I feel really good in the fact that I”m as important as anyone in the family, we all matter.

She added, “I book my workouts; I book my alone time, just like I book appointments for the kids just like I book date night for my husband. And I think that”s all so important. It”s so easy to lose yourself as a mother. It”s so easy to just take care of everybody else. I think it”s really important for women, for anyone, to really to do that for themselves as well.