Broncos LB Von Miller — The Unwritten Peyton Manning Rule

Exclusive 071613-von-miller-PEYTON

Peyton Manning is OFF-LIMITS in practice … and any defensive teammate who even thinks about SNEEZING too hard around PM could wind up on a missing persons list … this according to Von Miller.

The Denver Broncos superstar linebacker — who signed a $21 million contract in 2011 — was at the Playboy mansion this week … when he spelled it out for us — NO ONE TOUCHES MANNING.

“I have never even touched … even got CLOSE to Peyton Manning,” Miller said … “We know how important he is to our team. We don”t get close to him.”

Of course, Manning”s not just valuable — he”s fragile — with serious neck issues.

So, what would happen to someone who broke the unwritten rule  According to Miller, it ain”t good.