Brody Jenner — Break Up Is Screwing With My Dad’s Golf Game

Bruce Jenner“s separation from Kris Jenner is screwing with his head … and it”s spilling over into a vital part of his life — his golf game … this according to his son Brody.

Bruce and Brody Jenner hit the links for a golf session this afternoon … and even though they were attempting to stay in zen mode — his son made it clear dad”s game was off .

Brody posted a video showing Bruce misfiring on one of the holes … explaining, “He pulled this [one] a bit left but it”s probably because he has a”lot on his mind.”

He added, “Or is it that pink ball” 

As we previously reported … BJ”s sons Brody and Brandon were thrilled over the separation … because they feel they have a new opportunity to get closer with their dad.

So far, so good.