Britney Spears Talks Settling Down: "That Would Be Nice": Watch Here!

Britney Spears Talks Settling Down:

She may be famous as a pop princess, but Britney Spears is itching to settle down with a large family.

In an interview with Germany”s RTL network, the “Work B**ch” singer shared, “I”d like to have more kids, settle down…have kidsmaybe twinsand get married. That would be nice.”

Sharing that her down-time is devoid of glamor, the 31-year-old songstress admitted, “I really don”t go clubbing, I don”t do that. I like to stay at home, I like watching movies and eating lots of popcorn.”

Later, Brit said that her upcoming very personal album will be titled Britney Jean, which is what her family calls her. “It”s like a term of endearment. I just wanted to share that with my fans,” she told London”s 95-106 Capital FM. Check out her translated interview below.