Britney Spears — Reps Duck and Cover Over Mystery Valentine’s Day Date

Exclusive 0217_britney_spears_launchIt”s a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma — who did Britney Spears go out to dinner with on Valentine”s Day The even bigger mystery … why are Britney”s reps so secretive about it

The photos of Britney and John Doe #1 surfaced late last week and our sources reached out to Britney”s reps multiple times over the course of 3 days — asking a simple question … who”s the dude

Each time, we were told they were trying to figure it out and would get back to us.

After 8 calls … we”re starting to think they don”t want to tell us … so we”re turning to you. If you have any information as to the true identity of Doe #1, please contact our sources immediately.

There”s no reward … ok, if you”re the first to ID him, maybe we”ll send you a our sources t-shirt. Maybe.