Britney Spears’ New Man — Is He Hot Enough?

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our sources now has clear photos of Britney Spears” new maybe boyfriend … but the question … does he have what it takes to date the Princess of Pop

We spoke to several people who know David Lucado … and they gave us a bunch of info. For starters, Dave”s originally from Appomattox, Virginia. He was a great student growing up and he loves golf.

He moved to Atlanta after high school … and recently moved to L.A. for a girl — but we”re told that relationship ended a few months ago, so David”s totally single.

Everyone we spoke to said the same thing — David is a well-liked, all-around fun-loving guy … and it”s totally unexpected that he”d date Britney Spears.

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We”re told David insists he and Britney are still just friends — despite a romantic Valentine”s Day dinner — but we still gotta ask …