Britney Spears Lawsuit — It Costs $300k Per Year to Keep Her Ass Safe

Britney Spears

It costs $303,900 to provide Britney Spears with a full-time 365-day security detail … this according to her former protectors who claim the pop star”s people screwed them out of half-a-year”s pay.

The people who run Britney”s estate are being sued  by Advanced Security Concepts Corporation — claiming Team Spears never paid them more than $140k in fees … after they kicked the bodyguard company to the curb back in 2010.

ASCC claims Team Spears has been unfairly holding a grudge against it ever since one of their former bodyguards, Fernando Flores, filed a lawsuit against Britney last year … accusing her of multiple instances of genital-exposing sexual harassment. Britney has denied the allegations.

But in the lawsuit, ASCC claims Team Spears demanded the company cover Britney”s legal expenses in the case — even though they weren”t obligated to put up the cash.

ASCC claims Britney”s people not only fired them after the stand-off — but they refused to fork over a check for $141,625.00 … the remainder of a 1-year contract which Brit”s camp had previously agreed to pay out whether or not they actually used the security service.

We reached out to Brit”s camp for comment — so far, no response.