Britney Spears Is Reading Up on Love & Romance

Britney Spears
Britney Spears has been in and out of love through several relationships over more than a decade – and, even now, just days away from her 30th birthday, she understands that there”s plenty more to know.

Asked by the U.K.”s Stylist what she”s been reading recently, the pop star mentions The Mastery of Love, a meditation on love and relationships written more than a decade ago by Mexican spiritualist author Don Miguel Ruiz.

“It”s basically an analysis of love and what it means to love,” Spears says. “It goes through all the different aspects of love – who you are as a person, knowing yourself before you even attempt to love anyone else, that sort of thing. It”s really well-written and thought-provoking.”

So, she would recommend it to anyone in a relationship

“Yes definitely, it”s very cool,” she says. “It”s not so much about learning something; it”s one of those things where you already know this stuff, but it”s good to instill it in yourself again.”

The loves of Spears”s life are her boys Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden James, 5, as well as boyfriend Jason Trawick, her former agent. Asked what her dream holiday would be, Spears doesn”t hesitate.

“It would be with my children, of course, and my boyfriend Jason, and really that”s it,” she says. “We”d probably just go skiing somewhere really beautiful and have hot chocolate – in a cabin.”

But asked if she has a bucket list, she mentions a more hair-raising sport. “I would like to go skydiving,” she says.