Britney Spears — I Won’t Make My Son Dance On Stage

Exclusive 0930-britney-kevin-sean-preston-spears-getty
Apparently Britney Spears heard Kevin Federline“s threat loud and clear … because she”s backed off her comment that Sean Preston will join her on stage for her Vegas concert series.

Britney said in an interview during her big announcement last month … “Preston will probably be on stage but I think Jayden would have a hard time with it.”

The next day we got video of K-Fed … and he made it clear, his 8-year-old would NOT be performing with Britney.

Britney”s rep tells our sources … she was “joking” when she said Sean Preston would join her on stage.  Frankly, it didn”t sound like a joke.  What”s more, there”s history … the kid occasionally came out and danced on stage during her Femme Fatale tour.

In fact, during Britney”s Circus tour back in 2009 … K-Fed had beef with Brit over taking the kids on the road, but he settled it after getting $5k a week, as well as, all-expenses paid when he joined them on the road.

So who knows … maybe K-Fed will have a change of heart if … well, the price is right.  But for now, Sean Preston is off the marquis.