Britney Spears Home Sale — Done Deal

Britney Spears
is not taking a chance of losing the dude who wants to plunk down $4,253,000 to buy her Beverly Hills estate — we”ve learned the conservators have cancelled the court hearing tomorrow which would have allowed other prospective buyers to overbid.

We broke the story — Britney accepted the $4.253 mil offer, which is impressive considering the house was listed at $2,995,000.

Since Britney is under a conservatorship, the probate could generally hold a hearing which essentially turns into a bidding war.  But we”re told Britney”s conservator and her lawyers asked the judge to cancel the hearing — which was scheduled for tomorrow — and they got their wish.

So, the $4.253 million offer sticks.  It”s good news/bad news … even though Britney got significantly more than the asking price, she bought the estate in 2007 for $6.8 mil.