Bristol Palin — Levi Johnston … Quit Hunting and Pay Child Support!

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Levi Johnston
has his priorities screwed up … he”s buying cars, dropping serious cash on hunting and taking fancy trips, instead of forking over child support … this according to legal docs filed by Bristol Palin.

In the new docs — obtained by our sources — Bristol claims Levi isn”t a suitable parent on many levels to get what he”s after — 50/50 custody.  She says aside from the fact that he”s $67K behind in child support, he doesn”t even visit Tripp on a regular basis.

In fact, Bristol believes Levi is so deep in the red, it constitutes a felony under Alaskan law.

And this is the  best part … Bristol wants the judge to say out loud that Levi is voluntarily underemployed — translation … LOSER.