Brian Wilson — ‘F**king Excited’ to Play for the L.A. Dodgers

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Pro fireballer Brian Wilson says it”s “f**king exciting” to bring his talents — and his tremendous facial hair — to L.A., telling our sources he”s pumped to play for the Dodgers.

A mohawked Wilson was leaving Equinox gym in L.A. yesterday — right after signing a 1-year, $1 million deal with the Dodgers — and expressed his excitement as only Brian Wilson can.

“Well, I”m a pretty big America fan … red, white and Dodger blue, I guess.”

The 31-year-old ex-San Francisco Giants pitcher says he”s grateful to get another shot in the bigs after undergoing Tommy John surgery last April … but insists he harbors no ill will toward his former team.

“I got much love for San Francisco. We had a good time. But there”s nothing I can do … they don”t want me back.”

When asked about the storied rivalry between the squads, Wilson explained, “I don”t worry about rivalry, bro … I just play baseball, you know.”

Welcome to L.A.