Brenda Song Talks "Dads" in Aritzia's Latest Issue

Brenda Song Talks

With her new Fox series “Dads” slated to premiere on Tuesday (September 17th), Brenda Song scored a feature in the latest issue of Aritzia magazine.

During her interview with the publication, the 25-year-old actress chatted about the new series and shared details about her friendship with co-star Seth Green.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Song”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Aritzia!

On “Dads”:
“The relationships really drive [the show]. Alec Sulkin and Seth MacFarlane are so incredibly brilliant that even through all this craziness, all these crazy jokes, all these crazy pranks, there”s such heart. And I don”t think people are expecting that.”

On her role on the show:
“Oh, Veronica. She started as Seth and Giovanni”s assistant, but she”s smart, and [it quickly becomes clear that] she”s running this company. She”s a go-getter and will do whatever it takes to get the job done, and that”s what I love about her.”

On Seth:
“He”s my long-lost older little brother. It”s kind of an all-boys club there, and he took me in. We have so much fun together -he”ll be pulling a prank on me and they”ll call action, and he”ll get into character and just nail the scene. And I”m like, “What are you doing How are you doing this” He likes to scare me! He”s a tiny, adorable, lovely man, and he loves hiding in places. I”ll talk to him and turn away, and he”ll be silently following just two inches behind me. He scares the crap out of me. He”s like a little ninja!”