‘Breaking Bad’ Star Pleads With Thief — DON’T RUIN MY SHOW

Exclusive 0325_charles-baker_breaking_bad

PLEASE DON”T RUIN MY SHOW!!!!  That”s the message one of the stars of “Breaking Bad” is sending to the man who allegedly stole a script for the final season that could torpedo the series.

Charles Baker, who plays Skinny Pete on the epic show, has a message for script thief Xavier McAfee, who was arrested for the dirty deed but hasn”t anted up the stolen goods.  Baker says, “You have the choice to be a better person than that.”

Baker goes on:  “You”ve already made a choice to steal from a person (Bryan Cranston) who is loved by millions of people … don”t make it worse by betraying the rest of the cast and crew and fellow fans of the show.”

Here”s the problem … McAfee is not exactly Good Samaritan material.  His priors include 4 juvenile offenses, 9 felony arrests with 1 conviction, 11 misdemeanor arrests with 6 convictions, 3 pending felonies as well as a DWI. 

BTW — he”s 29 years old.