‘Breaking Bad’ Star Dean Norris — ‘F**K DELTA’

Breaking News 0306_dean-norris_gettyWow … “Breaking Bad” star Dean Norris REALLY hates Delta … going off on the airline twice in one week about its god-awful service … seriously, the rants are super angry.

Norris just tweeted, “Back on sh*t hole Delta 2nd flight 3 days delayed cause missing flight attendant!!!what a horsesh*t company hub system=no choice=f**ked.”

You”d think he”d have learned his lesson … because just two days earlier, Norris tweeted a similar expletive-filled tirade inspired by the airline, writing, “Delta airlines SUCKS. wish I had a more intense word for suck to describe how much they SUCK. Southwest kicks your ass! #delta#f**kdelta.”

We reached out to Delta for comment — but so far, nothing back.