‘Breaking Bad’ House — Homeowner Vows, I’ll Never Sell!

Exclusive 0928-walter-white-breaking-
The people who ACTUALLY live inside Walter White“s house on “Breaking Bad” tell our sources … no amount of meth money could ever convince them to sell.

Fran and Louie Padilla have been living in Walt”s crib since 1973 … and it”s quick rise to American landmark status has been a lot to handle (over 1k visitors just this month.)

The Padilla”s are not scared off or tempted by a financial windfall  … they say the memories from the years they spent raising a family at the White residence are without a price tag.

No one would recognize the inside anyway — “cause all inside scenes are shot on a sound stage … and Fran says the interior decor on BB looks HIDEOUS!

Here”s what shocked us — multiple realtors tell us market value for the house is somewhere between $150 – $200k … and its marquis value wouldn”t up the ante.

The couple”s backyard has also been frequently featured, but the Padilla”s tell us they don”t actually grow any poisonous lily of the valley.

… so they say.