??Breaking Bad? Finale Draws Massive Celebrity Twitter Reaction

??Breaking Bad? Finale Draws Massive Celebrity Twitter Reaction

Its one of the most beloved shows on television, and last night (September 29) the series finale of Breaking Bad had stars posting to Twitter like crazy.

The Emmy-winning shows conclusion was a sad event for actress Emmy Rossum who wrote, #GoodbyeBreakingBad is breaking my heart. I”m not ready for this. I binge watched over the summer & I”m not ready for it to be over!

Lego House singer Ed Sheeran shared, Might”ve stayed up to watch breaking bad finale, while 1980s talk show queen Sally Jessy Raphael noted, #GoodbyeBreakingBad Did NOT expect this to be the direction so far…you KNOW there”s gonna be a huge turnaround!

Always quick with a witty word, The Office starlet Mindy Kaling tweeted, My fave Office Halloween episode, Ryan went as Jesse Pinkman. We love you long time #breakingbad!

And professional poser Chrissy Teigen shared, I haven”t even seen the entire last season. I just had to watch this to spoil it on my own terms.

Conan OBrien evidently wasnt ready to let go, as he asked, Anyone else thought of chaining Vince Gilligan in a barn to make him come up with another show and Ewan McGregor added, Breaking Bad. Ends Tonight. #gotthebluesalready.

Garden State stud Zach Braff posted, I cant believe Walt was a woman the whole time. Awesome ending. #BreakingBad, and Jimmy Fallon enthused, Tight! Tight! Tight! #BreakingBadFinale.

And Aaron Paul himself gushed, Last episode ever of Breaking Bad. It would not be possible without all of you. Thank you all for the amazing ride. Love you Vince!!!!