Brazilian Blowout to Octomom — Stop Abusing Taxpayer Dollars On Our Products!!!

Brazilian Blowout — the company behind the hair procedure Octomom dropped hundreds of dollars on while on welfare — is MORTIFIED by Octo”s reckless spending … and now, it”s hatched a plan to make things right with taxpayers.

BB CEO Mike Brady tells our sources, “We want to make sure that California taxpayers” money is not going to anything other than taking care of [Nadya Suleman”s] children. We don”t want to see those kids miss out on anything at the cost of a Brazilian Blowout.”

So, a rep for the company tells us, BB is offering to reimburse Octomom the entire cost of her recent Brazilian Blowouts — plus other hair treatments — totaling $520.

But that”s not it — BB also wants to give Octomom free blowouts in the future at the company”s salon in West Hollywood … so she”s not squandering her limited cash supply on luxury goods. BB will even cover the cost of a sitter while the mother of 14 is getting primped.

To top it all off, BB is offering to pay to fix Octo”s toilet — which might finally allow her kids to poop inside. One can only dream.