Brady Quinn Supports Girlfriend Alicia Sacramone Through Surgery

Brady Quinn and Alicia Sacramone
Things have been better on the sports front for elite athlete couple Brady Quinn and Alicia Sacramone.

Quinn, a backup quarterback for the Denver Broncos, watched as fellow backup (and fan favorite) Tim Tebow got to play in Sunday”s game against San Diego.

And Sacramone, a captain for the U.S. silver medal-winning women”s gymnastics team, tore her Achilles tendon last week while training for the world championships in Tokyo.

But at least they have each other.

“Best boyfriend award goes to @BQ9 for taking the red eye from Denver to be here for my surgery today,” Sacramone Tweeted Monday. “Just another reason why I love him.”

The decorated gymnast (who recently posed nude for the annual ESPN Body Issue) added via Twitter that her surgery was a success.

Not to mention her team”s performance in Tokyo.

“Words can”t describe how proud I am of all of you!” she raved of her teammates, who took home the gold on Tuesday. Sacramone will get a medal as well, bringing her total count to a record-breaking ten world medals.

The Broncos, however, didn”t fare as well. They lost to the San Diego Chargers Sunday 29-24.