Brad Pitt??s ??Today? Interview: Sneak Preview!

Brad Pitt??s ??Today? Interview: Sneak Preview!

Hes very selective with the films he chooses to do, and Brad Pitt says his new flick 12 Years a Slave is a career highlight for sure.

During his interview with Today show anchor Ann Curry, the Fight Club hunk declares, Its why I got into film in the first place. It”s one of those few films that cuts to the base of our humanity.

Given the movies disturbing imagery, Brad notes that its not appropriate for audiences of all ages. “Maybe my eldest I would, right now. I”d rather for the others to get a little bit older and understand the dynamics of the world a little more.”

As for his upcoming 50th birthday, Pitt boasts, “I haven”t minded a bit. I have no complaints.”

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