Brad Pitt Talks Melissa Etheridge??s Criticism of Jolie

Brad Pitt Talks Melissa Etheridge??s Criticism of Jolie

Hes been singing Angelina Jolie”s praises for getting a double mastectomy earlier this year to prevent breast cancer, so when Brad Pitt heard his pal Melissa Etheridge had badmouthed his lady, he was understandably confused.

During the New York City premiere of his new film World War Z last night (June 17), the Fight Club hunk was asked for his opinion on Etheridges remarks.

Brad carefully began, I dont know. Somebody just said that. Melissa is an old friend of mine. Im sure well talk on the phone. I dont know what it is.

Etheridge previously said that Angelina made the most fearful choice you can make when confronting anything with cancer. I wouldn”t call it a brave choice. My belief is that cancer comes from inside you and so much of it has to do with the environment of your body. It”s the stress that will turn that gene on or not.”

“Plenty of people have the gene mutation and everything but it never comes to cancer. I would say to anybody faced with that, that choice is way down the line on the spectrum of what you can do and to really consider the advancements we”ve made in things like nutrition and stress levels.”