Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf: Military Mates

Brad Pitt & Shia LaBeouf: Military Mates

Theyre both fiercely dedicated to their craft, and Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf did a little research for their upcoming film Fury at a military training facility.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star posed with his Constantine cohort and a couple of soldiers at the National Training Center in Fort Irwin, California during a break in prepping for the WWII project.

A rep from the base told press, “It was a unit-sponsored event with just a small group of soldiers in the field.

They talked about the mission of the NTC, what those particular soldiers do and the soldiers” experience and background. There was no official meet-and-greet.”

Meanwhile, the NTCs Facebook page read, “They”re here only for a brief visit to observe the complex training environment that the National Training Center has to offer. We will respect their purpose and their privacy for being here and appreciate that they are seeking interest in our mission at the NTC.”