Brad Pitt Covers Entertainment Weekly

Brad Pitt Covers Entertainment Weekly

Hes quite possibly the biggest movie star of them all, and Brad Pitt looks handsome on the cover of the new issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The Fight Club stud is in full-on promotional mode to drum up interest in his forthcoming thriller World War Z.

In his interview, Brad discusses his experience in making the zombie flick- These movies are very intricate puzzles, and you have to keep winding the mechanisms and then trigger them all at just the right time. We give so much more credence to the end-of-the-year dramas. In these movies youre triggering emotions, tooa thrill responsebut they are far more calibrated. Youve got to be a bit of a technician.

Regarding the films plot, Pitt noted, This unprecedented threat comes along, and its going to end everything and everybody unless someone comes up with an answer. The interesting thing is how different those answers are and the way those choices lead to power shifts and life-and-death consequences.

And it turns out they had to cut the scenes that were filmed in Budapest. Well, you remember that at the time I was really interested in a more political film, using the zombie trope as a kind of Trojan horse for asking: What would happen to sociopolitical lines if there was a pandemic like this Who would be on top Who would be the powerful countries and who would be the most vulnerable. We wanted to really explore that, but it was just too much. We got bogged down in it; it was too much to explain. It gutted the fun of what these films are meant to be.