Bow Wow — No Longer a Wanted Man in Georgia

Bow Wow
Bow Wow
can finally go back home to Georgia — without being immediately arrested — and all it took was a $90,000 check.

our sources broke the story … a Tennessee tour bus company won a judgment against the rapper over a $92,749 bill from 2009. BW never paid, so the company went back after him in Georgia court … asking a judge to make Bow Wow fork over the dough.

Bow Wow failed to cooperate, so the Georgia judge held him in contempt — ordering the rapper be arrested on sight anywhere in the state.

But it”s all water under the bridge now — a notice was recently filed in Georgia court, showing BW has paid the bill in full.

It”s unclear if the arrest order has explicitly been lifted — but at this point, it”s just a formality.  Ain”t Georgia peachy