Booted Idol Elise Testone Wants to Duet with Steven Tyler

Elise Testone
American Idol“s Elise Testone experienced a tiny taste of a dream when Steven Tyler joined her in song during her sendoff performance Thursday.

What was it like sharing the mic with a rock legend

“Awesome,” said a beaming Testone following her elimination from the competition. “It would be great to do a whole song.”

So it”s no surprise that Testone, 28, named the judge as her dream collaboration. “Steven Tyler would be a great duet,” she said. “I love him. He”s the man.”

Tyler may not have been on board with Testone”s song choices Wednesday night, but that doesn”t mean a future collaboration is out of the question. “Steven said he fell in love with me,” said the South Carolina native.

Testone, who taught voice lessons in Charleston, S.C., before competing on Idol, plans to focus on writing songs and planning her album during the American Idol Live! tour. But she doesn”t discount an eventual return to her roots.

“I wouldn”t mind seeing some students and picking up some [voice lessons] again,” she says. “I wouldn”t mind opening up a new school and hiring great people to [teach]. I love working with the students and the kids and being a mentor for them, so if I had the opportunity, I would do it.”

For now, the soulful singer is just looking forward to heading home – and spending some time with a special guy in her life, her dog Leon, whos been struggling with health issues.

“First thing I”m gonna do is see my dog cause he almost died and now he”s better,” she says. “I”m going to take him to the park and just watch him run around.”

“And I really want to clean my apartment,” she added. “I just keep picturing dust and that”s bothering me a lot.”