Bobby Brown — I’m PISSED About My Daughter’s Engagement

Exclusive 071613_bobby_brown_lunch
our sources Photog: “How excited are you for your daughter — she”s about to get married and stuff”
Bobby Brown: “I”M NOT.”

That basically sums up Bobby B”s feeling about his daughter Bobbi Kristina getting engaged to Nick “He”s Not My Biological Brother” Gordon.

Bobby made it clear he doesn”t approve … and reveals that Nick never even called him up to ask for her hand in marriage.

The Brown family isn”t exactly the tightest bunch — Bobbi Kristina doesn”t talk to her dad, so why would Nick

Still let”s recap … the not-official brother didn”t call his quasi step-dad to ask permission to marry his kinda-sister.

Despite the bitterness, Bobby tells our sources … “I just want her to be happy.”

We broke the story, Bobbi K revealed the engagement on Facebook last week … and though Whitney treated Nick like a son growing up, he”s not a blood relative and was never formally adopted.

Still, kinda weird …