Bo Jackson — I NEVER Played Tecmo Bowl … But I Know I Was a BEAST!

If you owned a Nintendo … then you know Bo Jackson was the single GREATEST player in the history of Tecmo Bowl … but BJ wouldn”t know … “cause he”s NEVER played the game.

Bo just appeared on SportsCenter to discuss his Bo Bikes Bama charity event … when anchor Robert Flores brought up Jackson”s UNSTOPPABLE digital alter-ego from the NES classic.

Side note — Seriously, Tecmo Bowl Bo Jackson was insane … fast … couldn”t be tackled … his speed only matched by digital Lawrence Taylor … just check out the clip below.

Anyway, when asked about the game … Bo replied, “To be honest with you, I’ve seen a kid play that game once … I have never played that game.”

He continued, “I still have the ‘Tecmo Bowl’ cassette, in a box somewhere in one of my storage places or in the attic. But I’ve never played the game.”

Bo doesn”t know … in fact, Bo has no idea.