‘Bling Ring’ Leader Nick Prugo — Quit Complaining, Paris … I Gave Back $1 Million

Exclusive 061513_nick_prugo_launchBling Ring” bandito Nick Prugo thinks Paris Hilton needs to chill about the whole “I robbed you” thing … telling our sources he already gave back $1 MILLION worth of stuff and has nothing left to give.

Paris recently did an interview regarding the release of “Bling Ring” — Sofia Coppola“s film based on Nick and his friends robbing a slew of celebs back in “09 — and when asked about any hard feelings Paris explained, “I don”t know what I”d do if I saw them. I”m not a confrontational person. But I would literally be like, “You guys need serious help. And I want my stuff back.”

On Friday when our photog ran into Nick — who was just released from prison in April for the crimes — he told us there”s nothing left in the tank. He claims he gave back $1 million to the victims, including Paris, plus the heiress got most her stuff back.

So that”s kind of an apology, right