Blake Shelton and Adam Levine: Inside Their Friendship

Blake Shelton (left) and Adam Levine

Fans of The Voice already know how much fun Blake Shelton and Adam Levine have with each other on the show. But what”s their friendship like in real life

“A few weeks ago somebody asked me, “What about you and Adam”s bromance. Is there anything to it” ” Shelton, 35, tells us in this week”s cover story.

“And I sputtered off, “Yeah, I”m going to make out with him.” The next thing you read is, “Blake wants to kiss Adam.” Man, I can”t believe how …”

“True that is” interjects Levine, 33.

“How honest I was,” says Shelton with a chuckle. “But it”s fun. It”s just like we”re sitting around the bar, making jabs at each other.”

Levine says says he wasn”t expecting to make such a close friend while working on The Voice. But he has one request: Stop using the word “Bromance.” “Can we please kill that stupid term” he asks. “We”re just friends. It”s called friendship!”