‘Blair Witch’ Producer Files for Bankruptcy — I Have $900 To My Name

The executive producer of “The Blair Witch Project” has filed for bankruptcy — claiming he has a mere $900 to his name … and he”s drowning in $132,000 of debt.

Kevin P. Foxe filed the Chapter 7 papers this month in bankruptcy court in California — claiming he owes a laundry list of creditors a grand total of $132,724 … the largest chunk of which is in unpaid taxes due to the IRS ($60,214)

As for his assets — Kevin says he has $100 in cash on hand, $500 worth of household furnishings, $100 worth of personal clothing, and $200 in sporting equipment (bicycles, soccer balls, etc.) … $900 total.

It”s pretty shocking — considering “Blair Witch” is one of the most profitable movies EVER based on return on investment. The movie”s principal photography cost a mere $25,000 … and it went on to make $248 MILLION worldwide.

Foxe has produced over ten projects since the 1999 hit. It”s unclear what went wrong.

Foxe had no official comment.