Black OWN Star — SNL Blow Off NOT Racial

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The very funny comedienne who is at the center of what”s turning into a WAR on “Saturday Night Live” doesn”t believe she”s been passed over because she”s Black — she says it”s just as humiliating for white folk.

“Love Thy Neighbor”
star Darmirra Brunson thinks SNL regular Jay Pharoah is off base for ragging on the show for not having enough black females in the cast.  Fact is … there have only been 4 in 38 years.  Pharoah says he was pushing producerswhich means Lorne Michaels — to hire Brunson but it fell on deaf ears.
Brunson says there”s a huge talent pool to choose from, and the reality is almost everyone gets passed over … no matter what their race or sex.
That said … Brunson says she”d like the chance to audition for the show and is grateful to Pharoah for the push. 

So she”s in the middle of a war and just complimented the warring parties.  Smart chick.