Billie Jean King — Mafia Didn’t Rig Tennis Match … I Beat Bobby Riggs Fair & Square

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Billie Jean King is calling BS on reports the mafia rigged her famous Battle of the Sexes tennis match with Bobby Riggs … telling our sources, “I just beat his butt and that”s it.”

The allegations surfaced in an ESPN investigation last month — a country club worker claims he witnessed a secret meeting between Riggs and the mafia, in which Riggs agreed to throw the famous 1973 match if the mob forgave his $100k gambling debts.

But King says the whole story is ridiculous — telling us, “[Riggs] was not that kind of a guy. He didn”t play around with the mafia.”

BJK also says Riggs had more of a financial incentive to WIN their duel — because had he emerged victorious, he would have had the chance to play in a MILLION DOLLAR match.

As for Riggs, he passed away in 1995 … from cancer, not the mob.