Bill Nye Suffers Partially Torn Ligament on "DWTS": "We Plan to Dance!"

Bill Nye Suffers Partially Torn Ligament on

It”s only the beginning, but one celeb has already fallen victim to the intense physical strain of professional choreography in “Dancing with the Stars.”

On Monday, Bill Nye fell during his routine with partner Tyne Stecklein and was later hospitalized.After the incident, the Science Guy told People, “stepped on the cuff of these fancy slacks and I went down. We”ll do R.I.C.E. we”ll do rest, ice, compression, elevation [and] see where we get.”

However, on Tuesday, Bill posted a photo of himself in the doctor”s office with his faithful dancing partner by his side with the caption, “Here is the scoop: partially torn ligament. Awaiting the doc”s orders with Tyne. We plan to dance! Stand by…”

Luckily, this week he escaped eliminations with Keyshawn Johnson instead getting the axe. Bill”s got little time to recover as “DWTS” airs Mondays at 8:00pm ET on ABC.