Biggest Loser”s Ramon Medeiros Plans to Marry Jessica Limpert

Jessica Limperet and Ramon Medeiros
The footage of Ramon Medeiros returning home after his Biggest Loser elimination was probably the biggest shocker this season. Gone were many more pounds, that long hair and the shaggy beard.

“I was getting kind of grizzly there,” he joked during a conference call. “I wanted to surprise [fellow Biggest Loser contestant Jessica Limpert] and come with a new look.”

And he kept the shock factor rolling when he and Limpert, 26, who found love with Medeiros this season, jumped out of a plane together, an act he says rid him of any limitations he”d put on himself.

“I”m not scared of anything anymore,” he said. And with those extra pounds gone – he went from 355 lbs. to 268 lbs. while on the Ranch – he plans to fully embrace his adventurous side.

“I want to get in [a] shark cage in North Shore Hawaii, do some snorkeling, surfing, rock climbing and some bungee jumping,” says the tattoo artist, who also wants to become a personal trainer.

Something else the 27-year-old Florence, Colo., native wants to do “It is in the cards for Jess and I to get married,” Medeiros said. “But it will be in the future. We”re a new couple, and we”re going to just get into the real world now. I want to take it a little slow. We”re not going anywhere, so we”re going to be together for a long, long time.”

He also plans on staying motivated to keep shedding the pounds after returning home. “There”s a lot I have to prove and I”m coming back to win this marathon” said Medeiros, who qualified contestants Anton Davis and John Rhode”s verbal battle during the elimination as “big giants playing a game who know how to get under each others” skin.”

Adding that he keeps about the same workout schedule as on the Ranch, Medeiros runs three to five miles a few days a week and lifts weights three days a week.

“I”m going four to six hours a day,” he said. “It”s less than on the Ranch, but it”s what works in the real world.” He”ll also keep his portions in check. “It”s about changing your quantity and doing everything in moderation.”