Biggest Loser"s Kim: Losing Weight Is Like Going to War

Kim Stone, before (left) and after
After a week of surfing and swimming in Hawaii, Kim Stone and her daughter Megan were both up for elimination on The Biggest Loser. And then Kim sacrificed herself to save her daughter”s place on the Ranch.

“As a parent you always want what”s best for your child,” Stone told reporters Wednesday about her decision to go home. “It was a sacrifice I was more than willing to make.”

Stone, 48, says she was within 11 lbs. of her goal weight at the time and believed her daughter had much more to benefit from remaining on the show. “I had such a good grasp on things that I knew I was going to be okay,” she said. “I didn”t feel I would be going home to failure.”

Welcoming her home to Dittmer, Mo., was her husband of 27 years. “The hardest part of my entire experience was being separated from my husband,” Stone said. “He”s my best friend. He”s my soulmate.”

In fact, Stone and her husband Tom have found a “new appreciation” for each other since her time on the Ranch. “We want to make every minute count and do all the things we kept saying we were going to do and never quite got to,” she said.

Life”s BalancesStone is also focused on balancing her new lifestyle with a demanding job as an emergency room nurse. “It is a struggle trying to work out an exercise program that is consistent,” she said.

But she”s making it work. “I”m constantly thinking, “Okay, if I can”t do a workout with my trainer today, what can I do instead and still be at my job” ” she added.

As for diet, she is following the advice of the Biggest Loser nutritionist and always making sure she has an ice chest full of healthy snacks to avoid “reaching for the first thing in front of me.”

“I kind of compare this to war,” Stone said. “I want to have my artillery and cavalry set up before I ever do anything.”

So far, it”s working: Stone has lost more than 65 lbs. since beginning her weight-loss journey, and her new lifestyle is rubbing off on her family, as well.

“It”s brought lots of positive changes,” she said. “My husband”s actually lost 45 lbs. now.”