‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer RIPS Jillian Michaels — She EMBARRASSED Herself at Malibu Triathlon

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Jillian Michaels didn”t just SUCK ASS at the Malibu Triathlon — she was an EMBARRASSMENT — so says her former “Biggest Loser” co-star Cara Castronuova.

As we previously reported, Michaels was a disaster at last weekend”s big race — admitting to our sources she got beat by a bunch of people a world class fitness professional shouldn”t have lost to … including an 80-year-old.

But when we ran into Cara last night in L.A., the former B.L. trainer didn”t pull punches — telling us. “I would probably kill myself if that happened to me.”

Cara said Michaels likely bombed because she didn”t take the event seriously — “That”s what happens a lot with people that think they”re in really good shape. They take things lightly and then they embarrass themselves.”