??Biggest Loser? Trainer Bob Harper: I??m Gay

??Biggest Loser? Trainer Bob Harper: I??m Gay

Hes far from an outspoken LGBT activist, but Bob Harper isnt keeping quiet about his sexual identity any longer.

During last nights episode of The Biggest Loser, the 48-year-old fitness trainer came out as gay to help encourage contestant Bobby Saleem, who was having trouble talking to his dad about the issue.

Harper shared, “I haven”t talked about my sexuality on this show ever. And now, meeting Bobby, I really do believe this is the right time. I want to show Bobby that he doesn”t have to live in shame.”

Bob told Bobby, “I”m gay. I knew I very long time ago that I was gay. When I came out — when I was 17 years old — it was one of those things where I realized that there was going to be so many obstacles, but being gay doesn”t mean being weak. And being gay doesn”t mean that you are less than anybody else. It”s just who you are.”

And after the show aired, Harper tweeted, “THANK YOU to everyone that supported my decision to talk about being gay w/ BOBBY. I felt like it was appropriate & necessary. LOVE Y”ALL!!”