Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages: Patrick Goes Home

Patrick Ferrari
The younger team on Biggest Loser: Battle of the Ages may have youth on their side, but it was not enough to keep their team intact.

For the first time this season, the older team escaped elimination while the middle-aged team continued to dominate at the weigh-in, leaving the Ranch”s youngest contestants to send home a member of their close-knit team.

“We were standing there right before we went in to deliberation and I just started sobbing. I couldn”t stop,” Patrick Ferrari told reporters of the moments before he offered to go home to save his teammates from making a hard decision.

“I started praying and I really felt called in that moment to lay my life down for my team,” he said Wednesday. “I didn”t want to go but I really felt called to do it. I was like, “Lord, please know I”m starting to feel confident. I just lost 11 lbs.” ”
A Fresh StartWith his newfound confidence, Ferrari, 25, returned home to Albany, Ore. where he has continued to work not only on his weight-loss but also on his marriage.

“Before the show it was my wife trying her best to get us to live healthier lifestyles and I just didn”t buy into it,” Ferrari said. “I didn”t care and that really hurt her.”

But since his return from the Ranch their marriage “has been amazing,” according to the mental health adult foster care worker.

“For the first time in our marriage we feel like a team,” he said. “We work out together. We make meal plans together.”
Making ChangesIn fact, Ferrari and his wife have planned his schedule down to the last detail to make sure he is getting in enough calorie-burning activities to continue his weight-loss journey.

“I literally have a 40-hour-a-week schedule for what my week looks like,” said Ferrari, who works out over three hours a day, five days a week and is sticking to the caloric intake suggested to him by the Biggest Loser medical team.

“I think, for me, being successful at home right now is not making excuses,” he said. “You can make up an excuse for anything. “It”s my birthday.” “There”s a big sporting event.” ”

Instead of partaking in the party platters or wedding buffets, Ferrari is opting for making snacks beforehand that he will pull out of his wife”s purse instead.

“There”s been a couple times that I”ve made excuses,” he confessed. “But there is no room for that kind of attitude right now.”
Looking AheadLooking forward to the marathon that could get him back in the running for the title of the Biggest Loser, Ferrari is hiking and plans on running races with his wife.

“I”m going to win the marathon,” he said. “I”ll come back number one seed.”

Also in his future could be the realization of his life-long dream to become a police officer.

Ferrari graduated with a degree in public policy and administration with an emphasis on law enforcement and corrections, but was unable to complete the physical agility test required to become an officer in Oregon.

But now that he has dropped a total of 91 lbs., Ferrari successfully passed the agility test with time to spare and is beginning to see his dream job as a reality.

“After some of the workouts I would think, “Man, why am I shooting to be a police officer” ” he said. “After what I”m going through I”m going to be ready to be a ranger or a Navy Seal.”