Big Time Rush — We’re Getting Yoko’d!

Exclusive 092413_big_time_rush_launch
The biggest danger for a boy band … girls.

Big Time Rush bandmates Kendall and Logan insisted on camera (above) their group is not breaking up … but sources familiar with the situation tell our sources … the band is getting Yoko”d.

Here”s what”s happening.  Carlos just got engaged, and his fiancee is demanding that he spend more time with her — away from the group.  She feels he”s not pulling his weight in the wedding-planning department, and Carlos is feeling the pressure.

James has been dating a chick who is making similar time demands.  We”re told they”re in a “committed relationship” and she feels he”s been MIA way too much.

Short story … Kendall (who”s also in the band, Heffron Drive) and Logan are trying to put a good face on things, but there”s Big Time trouble.

Fun Fact — Yoko Ono was unfairly blamed for the breakup of the Beatles.  If you”re under 40, Google it.