Big Boi From Outkast — TOTAL KNEE OBLITERATION … Caught On Tape

Exclusive 053013_big_boi_launch
our sources has obtained video of the exact moment Big Boi from Outkast DESTROYED HIS KNEE during a live performance a few days ago … and … yeah, it hurts to watch.

The Outkast co-founder was finishing up a rendition of “Bombs Over Baghdad” at Summer Camp Fest in Illinois on Sunday when he jumped up for the big finish … but botched the landing and blew out his left knee.

Big Boi was clearly in a ton of pain … but sucked it up and mustered the strength to limp off the stage.

After the show, the 38-year-old rapper said doctors diagnosed him with a “torn patella” ( … since the patella is a bone, we”re guessing he meant “patellar tendon”). 

Either way … Big Boi has since undergone surgery to fix his busted joint, which forced him to postpone several tour dates … but the rapper insists he”ll be back on stage in 6 weeks.