Bieber’s Strip Club Night — ‘HE TOUCHED MY ASS’ … I Almost Fainted

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Justin Bieber has become twice the man he was last month.  First, making a pilgrimage to the Great Wall of China (it”s a whole Chinese thing), and then, last night, touching a stripper”s ass.

Biebs not only went to a Texas strip club, it”s a particularly raunchy one where girls do things that leave marks. 

Biebs hit up VLive … enjoying time with his shirt off and pants down.  Here”s the highlight … one of the strippers tweeted afterwards, “He touched my ass  I almost fainted.”  She also had this introspective observation — “I”ve danced for a lot of celebrities and they normally don”t phase me but Justin had me in shock!”

Another stripper said JB made it rain. Based on the pictures we saw … apparently so did she.