Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy Carter Always be Spoiled According to Rihanna

Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter has become one of the most spoiled babies on Earth, celebrity or not. This fact wasn’t lost on Rihanna during her visit with Beyonce and Blue Ivy. Thus far, Bey and Jay-Z’s little 3-month baby has already had expensive one of a kind custom shoes created by Adidas and Christian Louboutin. There’s no knowing what else is in store for her before her first birthday.Rihanna discussed Blue Ivy during her interview with Australia’s The Matt and Jo Show, saying, “I went to visit her once and honestly, it’s very surreal. It’s almost like you don’t want to touch her. I held her and I just felt like ‘Oh my God, she’s gonna break.’ She’s so tiny and cute and precious. Chores are important for a young lady. They teach you a lot about life. but [Blue Ivy Carter] will probably never have to do a dish in her life.”

With any luck, Bey and Jay-Z will make sure their daughter has a balanced childhood that’s not just filled with fun and material goods but also chores and responsibilities. It would be detrimental in more ways than one if Blue Ivy Carter were simply allowed to be waiting on hand and foot just because she could.

Hopefully, Beyonce will take some advice from Rihanna and at least have her daughter do the dishes every now and then. What do you think is in store for Blue Ivy when she’s older?