Beyoncé in The Gentlewoman Spring/Summer 2013: People Didn't Know the Real Me

Beyoncé in The Gentlewoman Spring/Summer 2013: People Didn't Know the Real Me

Fresh off the premiere of her HBO documentary “Life Is But a Dream”, Beyoncé Knowles” rocked the cover of The Gentlewoman”s Spring/Summer 2013 issue.

The 31-year-old adorns herself in designer duds from Dior and Celine for the Alasdair McLellan-shot front page while opening up about everything from her tell-all flick to getting back into the music scene after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy.

When discussing her new film, Beyoncé admits she was nervous, adding, “I am scared. Not because I don”t think people are going to like it but because it”s the first time I”ve given away this much of myself.”

“I never really told anybody who I really am. I battle with it, because at the end of the day, my life and my family are so much more important than any of this,” she said.

Despite her absolute need for privacy, Miss Knowles didn”t hold back from telling recent struggles. “That was important to me,” Queen B explained. “Doing things for the right reasons, telling the story for the right seasons. I was really, really careful about the editing and making sure it was told in an elegant way. I felt like, kind of, it”s time. But it was very important that it was not about me being a singer or an entertainer. At the end of the day, it”s a story about being a woman, overcoming the struggles and keeping on trucking – accepting the things you can”t control.”

Meanwhile, the “Crazy In Love” discussed her successful music career, saying, “That was the hardest thing I”ve done in my life. Rehearsals started three months after I gave birth. I did that consciously, so that I knew that I still loved to perform. Because when I got on the stage I was nervous that I wouldn”t feel the same. And when I still felt the need to work just as hard and I still felt the same release, I was like… OK,” she declares.

For more on Miss Knowles interview, be sure to visit The Gentlewoman and be sure to watch “Life Is But a Dream” now on HBO.