Beyonce Heads to Coney Island For "XO" Music Video Shoot!

Beyonce Heads to Coney Island For

Forget rooms, Beyonce”s smile can light up a whole borough. The singer did just that as she filmed a music video for her tune “XO” in Brooklyn (New York) on Thursday (August 29).

The “Bootylicious” songstress also posted a new video to her Tumblr account, titled Bey Good. It shows scenes of Mrs. Jay Z meeting her fans during her Mrs. Carter Show concert tour. The video is set to her song, Love on Top.

“She motivates us to be good,” says three friends, “to come together different races, different people.”

In another scene, The Destinys Child megastar hugs a little girl and kisses her on the top of her head, saying, “You inspire ME.”